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After Hair Care


To begin with the hair extensions may feel slightly uncomfortable. This will pass within a couple of days and you won’t even notice they’re there. During the first 3 days it is advised that you don’t put your hair up in a high ponytail or anything that will result in the extensions being pulled upwards, as this may cause discomfort.


It is recommended that you put your hair in plaits while you wash it, this will reduce tangling and make it easier to comb out afterward. Never use circular motions as this will cause tangling and possible matting. Tilt your head slightly backward while washing, not forward. Make sure you are using a silicone free shampoo, as silicone is the number one enemy of hair extensions. More information on silicone can be found later in this document.


It is highly recommended that you use a conditioner when washing and a leave in conditioner after washing. The extensions will not get natural oils like your own hair and will need a substitute to stay silky and soft. Almost all conditioners, leave in conditioners, shining and straightening products will contain silicone. You will need to be very careful to only apply these products to the mid sections and ends of your hair. DO NOT let them come into contact with your bonds.


Do not use a scrubbing motion while drying off your hair with a towel, instead press the moisture out in a gentle wrapping motion. Apply your leave in conditioner before combing your hair, and then thoroughly dry using a hair dryer. It is highly important for the longevity of the extensions to completely dry the base area. Use a medium to low heat and then finish with cool air once the hair is completely dry.


ALWAYS hold the top of your hair while brushing or combing to prevent pressure on your natural hair. Brush with a natural bristle brush 2-3 times daily. Start from the ends and work your way upwards. When your hair is damp or wet use a comb not a brush, a brush will stretch the hair and cause split ends. NEVER brush or comb the area between the scalp and the bonds.


It is highly recommended that you put your hair into a soft plait or ponytail before bed as this will stop tangling and matting. Never go to bed with damp or wet hair as this can cause major tangling and possibly matting


You can use any styling tool including curling tongs, crimpers, hair dryers, straightening irons, hot rollers and many others but they must not come into contact with the bond as it will melt. You can use any accessories including hair ties, bobby pins, head bands etc providing they are not pulling on the extensions, as this may cause discomfort. Do not use any accessories in the area between the scalp and the bonds.


Sea water and swimming pool chemicals cause both breakdown of the bonds and damage to the hair, decreasing the longevity of the extensions. The best recommendation is to not allow your hair to become wet in these situations. However if this is not an option you can follow some simple steps to minimize the effects. Prior to swimming plait your hair in two separate tight plaits. Wet the hair with tap water to avoid soaking up the salt or pool chemicals. Once hair is damp from the tap water run some leave in conditioner through the plaits, this will prevent tangling during swimming. Rinse your hair with tap water immediately after swimming and dry the base area thoroughly. Any situation which results in a constant damp environment such as regular exercise, gymnastics, sports and saunas will lessen the longevity of the extensions by causing the bonds to breakdown. In these situations it is important to dry the base area thoroughly after the activity is ceased.


Your hair extensions will need to be moved up SRICTLY every 6- 8 weeks to avoid matting and damage to your natural hair. During the move up process each extension is removed, the shed hair (hair that is naturally released, from 50 to 150 hairs daily) is brushed free and the extension is replaced with a new micro ring. If this is not done regularly you may experience matting and unnecessary pressure on your natural hair. The matting is caused by the shed hair tangling with your natural hair above the bond, while the matting is being brushed out some of your natural hair may break. If the extensions grow down longer than one inch the natural hair holding it is compromised. As your hair grows it sheds, and therefore the extensions are held by less and less hair over time, this is unnecessary pressure for your hair and can result in breakage.

It is not recommended to colour the hair extensions. Colouring can cause them to be brittle and dry as it is a damaging process, and because it is different to your natural hair the colour may not be the same throughout.

If you are going to have them cut this is best done within the first week of them being installed. Your hair grows at different rates and you do not want it to be uneven when it is moved back up. If you regularly dye your roots it is best to have this done just before you have them put in, and then just before each move up as this is when you will have most access to them.
Under no circumstances should you lighten, bleach, perm or chemically straighten your hair extensions as this is an EXTREAMELY damaging process and the hair may not recover.


If you use products that contain sulfer, such as anti dandruff shampoos etc this will cause breakdown of the bonds and lessen the longevity of the extensions.

Do not use any products containing protein on your hair extensions, as generally these will cause dryness. Often protein will only be found in treatments, and will be stated in the ingredients as “protein”.

Silicone is a man made chemical compound found in many hair products. Silicone used daily in numerous products will cause a build-up of chemical that can cause issues. A build-up of silicone will cause your hair to be limp, dull and hard to manage. When it comes to colouring your hair you will have issues getting an even colour, and getting your colour to be durable whilst there is silicone on the hair shaft. Long term silicone usage will cause thinning of the hair and possible hair loss. Exercise extreme care when using products containing silicone as this will cause the extensions to slip and fall out, if it comes into contact with the bonds. It is highly important that your shampoo be 100% silicone free (a list is provided below), as shampoo is the only product that is used all over your scalp and hair. Most conditioners, leave in conditioners, shining and straightening products will contain silicone. It is very important that you either use a silicone free alternative or make sure it is only applied from the mid sections to the ends and does NOT come into contact with the bond. Once silicone has built up in your hair and penetrated the bond it can be difficult to remove. You will need to use a silicone free clarifying shampoo and wash the bonds and scalp carefully, up to five times before it is removed completely. Clarifying shampoo is very drying and therefore it recommended that it be used sparingly and only in the event of a silicone issue.

Below is a list of the compounds also known as silicone:
* polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS)
* Dimethicone
* Cyclomethicone
* Cetyl dimethicone
* Cyclopentasiloxane
* Silicone oil
* Amodimethicone
* Dimethyl Polysiloxane

You can check the ingredients on your products for any of the above chemicals to be sure you are using the correct goods.

Below is a list of silicone free shampoos:
* Matrix – Biolage Range – Both the Hydratherapy and Fortifying shampoos
* Vita 5 – Hydralock Shampoo
* Natural Look – Hair food range – Boost moisturising shampoo
* Goldwell - Moisture definition range – Intense and light shampoos
* KMS California – Both silksheen and solperfection shampoos
* Tigi – Moisture maniac shampoo Sebastian – Raw sensuality range – hydration shampoo

You do not have to use these products they are just recommendations, there are other silicone free shampoos available.


Each hair in the extension strand is held together by keratin. Keratin is a naturally forming protein found in skin, hair, nails etc. If the keratin is left damp for long periods of time, melted by hot tools, burnt by acidic products, immersed in harsh chemicals or overheated; it will breakdown. Once the keratin tip has broken down the hair cannot be moved up as the tip will simply fray and will no longer fit inside the micro ring. The strand must then either be re-bonded (which is very time consuming and costly), or replaced. It is very important that you are careful with what products you use and how you treat your hair as this will play the major role in how long it will last.


If you follow these instructions carefully your hair extensions will be able to be moved up many times, and the hair will be able to be re-used for up to 12 months. Your natural hair will grow quite rapidly and healthily underneath the extensions due to your extra care, and the stimulation from the extra weight.



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